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Holiday Car Hire | How To Save Money On Car Rental Abroad

car on rent

Holiday Car Hire Tips – How To Save Money on Car Rentals Abroad

 In the UK, we just drive our car out of the garage to go anywhere. So, why not do that on a holiday too? “How can I take my car abroad?” you say. There’s absolutely no need to trouble your car when you can get a holiday car hire abroad. A rental car gives you the freedom to explore a city by yourself. No more waiting for public transport or a taxi! Much as it sounds great, many UK holidaymakers grumbled about being ripped off at holiday car hire counters. So, here are some insider tips to save thousands of pounds on motor costs while you’re having a good time.


Book with a holiday car hire company well in advance

The early birds get the worm is really true. Those who research about a holiday car hire company in their destination city and book early save cash. Because the ahead you book, the cheaper the rental rates will be. Just as important, your dream car would be still available. For example, booking three months in advance for a holiday car hire in Santorini can save you £60 rather than booking it just a week before.


Don’t restrict yourself to holiday car hire agencies at the airport

If you’re taking a flight to you’re a town or city, it can be tempting to use a holiday car hire agency based out of the airport. But, looking at the ones close to the airport and in the suburbs (rather than the city centre) may save you pounds as they tend to be less expensive. Getting to the car pick up location is hardly a bother as rental companies run free shuttle buses.


Be wary of one-way fees charged by holiday car hire companies

Some holiday car hire companies charge one-way fees if you drop off the car at a different location than the one you picked it up from. Some may hide this in the small print or be upfront about the additional cost. Others may not charge any fees at all. Read the fine print.


Don’t pay premium rates for a full tank

Holiday car hire firms provide a full tank during pick up and expect you to return the car with the tank brimmed. Knowing this, many airports have on-site fuel stations that charge premium rates for petrol or diesel. Many car drivers who forget to get the tank filled elsewhere end up paying more for fuel or penalty fees. Both ways they lose! So before you leave from home, look for a fueling station near the airport.

Cars on rental


Avoid surprise holiday car hire charges

While standing at a holiday car hire counter, salesmen may try to push their own insurance policies against injury. However, your travel insurance usually covers this eventuality so extra cover is quite unnecessary.


Check whether the holiday car hire upgrade is indeed free

Many times, it happens that the car you request is in shortage and thus not available. So, a holiday car hire company might offer to upgrade your deal. However, this often costs extra fees not discussed before. It’s often buried in the small print and in highly legal language. An easy way to avoid this headache is to demand the car initially agreed on or a similar model.


Examine the holiday car for damages

If you haven’t paid for zero excess waiver, damage to your holiday car might well cost you a lot of pounds. At the time of pick-up, check the car for dents, bumps and scratches both inside and outside. Any damage already existing would find place in the list given by the holiday car hire company. You should always take pictures for proof. If you’re arriving at night, request the car hire company to move the vehicle to a well-lit area.

Think about a toll pass

Some EU countries have a toll system in place so think about how many such roads you’ll be driving through. If you plan to use a number of toll roads, buy a toll pass at the holiday car hire counter. This saves time and money. As for toll roads that just lead to the airport and back, you can pay for it yourself.


Carry your own sat nav

If you pick up a sat nav device from the desk, the holiday car hire agency will charge by the day. A cheaper alternative would be to find a useful phone app like HERE WeGo that allows you to save on roaming charges outside the EU with offline maps. And some countries don’t allow you to peek at your phone while driving so mark out your route ahead or ask a co-passenger to dictate to you.


Be punctual in returning the holiday car

You may have to shell out a few more pounds if you return the car late. So, don’t take a chance and drop off the car at the agreed time. Most big holiday car hire firms allow a 30-minute grace period but smaller rentals may not reconsider.

6 Reasons You Should Think About Dog Insurance

dog insurance

Very often, we don’t like to think about something bad happening to our pet dog. But, when he or she falls ill, we’re face-to-face with lengthy veterinary bills that can quickly eat up into our savings. As euthanasia is never a solution, there are better alternatives out there- like dog insurance. Sure, even pets’ lives are precious to themselves and their owners, hence the need for insurance. But, is pet insurance just over-hyped or do policies really pay for what they promise? How and when will the policy payout? Read further as we give you 6 good reasons your furry friend should have dog insurance.


Why Should I Get Dog Insurance?

Dog insurance helps you cope with financial expenses like routine checkups and unexpected hospitalization. It’s like a safety net so that you don’t have to worry about the money and just ensure your pet gets the world’s best healthcare treatment. There are many dog insurance plans to choose from- lifetime, annual and accident only. They differ in their features and payout amounts. A lifetime policy has your back for the whole life of your pet dog. While an annual policy resets to the full cover amount every 12 months, an accident only protection pays out only if your dog is injured in an accident.

  • Accident Cover:
    As mentioned above, if your dog is generally healthy and free from illnesses, getting a lifetime dog insurance policy is quite unnecessary. But, the appropriate cover in such circumstances would be an accident policy. There are more chances of your dog breaking loose and getting hit by a car or truck. So, you should have this basic and cheapest protection in place.


  • Both Illness and Wellness:
    As your dog ages, he might be more susceptible to illnesses just like humans. As life insurance has a critical illness add-on, so does dog insurance. They may develop problems with their hips or skin leading to costlier vet visits. Pet insurance pays for a surgery as well as wellness treatments like grooming and dental care.


  • Comprehensive:
    Dog insurance plans are comprehensive in nature. That means, they cover a variety of claim situations. Almost all expensive vet bills are paid for by the insurer if you have a policy. These include general vet fees, hereditary diseases, long-term conditions, teeth care, non-scientific healing methods such as homoeopathy, acupuncture, and physiotherapy. Some plans might also cover breeding risks and costs. Other claim situations include a missing or stolen dog, sudden changes in behaviour, injury to a person or third party by your pet, and death by illness or injury.

dog insurance

  • Emergency Fund Or Free Treatment Not Always Possible:
    Some individuals prefer setting up an emergency fund in place of buying dog insurance. But, an emergency fund may not be sufficient to access the best available healthcare. Some vets may offer treatment free of cost or on a credit basis but you lose time. So, it’s a good idea to have a dog insurance policy for your pet.


  • Access Quality Healthcare:
    There have been many improvements in healthcare for dogs in the UK. But, with best healthcare also come higher costs. No pet owner would want to lose out on a specialist just for a few hundred pounds. With a dog insurance policy, you don’t need to worry about accessing quality healthcare for your pet.


  • Extend Your Dog’s Life:
    A survey of dog owners in the UK revealed a horrifying fact. Almost 50% of pets died in the last year just because their owners couldn’t afford to pay for their illnesses. It’s really sad and we wish nobody has to go through the agony of euthanizing their pet dogs. Low-cost dog insurance ensures your dog can effectively battle cancer or intestinal obstructions.


Wedding Loans- Funds For Your Memorable Day

wedding loans

A wedding is a joyous and momentous occasion which every individual looks forward to. However, a sharp rise in wedding costs over the years has also made it an expensive affair. In the UK, walking down the aisle with your loved one isn’t less than £30,000. London, Scotland and Northern Ireland are the most expensive places to get married, says a new survey. Now, inspite of savings and a little family help, most couples are going for wedding loans to make their dreams come true. But, is it really practical and are they available to people with a poor credit score? Let us answer these questions for you. But first, a breakdown of UK wedding cost.


Average Wedding Budget Breakdown

The major elements that add up to the high cost and necessitate taking wedding loans are:

  • Wedding venue: £ 2,790
  • Catering: £3,950
  • Photography/video: £1,050
  • Flowers: £639
  • Cake: £300
  • Wedding dress: £1,380
  • Engagement ring: £3,036
  • Honeymoon: £4,000


Why Should I Take Wedding Loans?

A simple reason: weddings are meant to splurge and lack of money shouldn’t hold you back. Whether a low-key ceremony or a no-expense-spared grand function, there’s no price tag for your dream day. Wedding loans is a type of personal loan and one of the easiest and most convenient ways to fund your big day. Fact: the most wedding loans are taken at the age of 26.


Are Wedding Loans Available For Bad Credit?

Who said people with a bad credit score can’t have a great wedding? Everyone wants their nuptials to be perfect and we aim at delivering that joy and happiness. From a wedding ring to arranging for food and drink, wedding loans for bad credit can help you every step of the way. Providing you can keep up with repayments, your chances of loan approval are pretty high.


Advantages Of Wedding Loans

  • No need to be thrifty and save:
    Nowadays, there’s little reason why couples would want to save a lot towards their wedding bells. People find it more practical to spend their money in whatever way they like. Because they trust that they can always borrow wedding loans, good credit or not to make up for the shortfall. For example, borrowing £15,000 for three years.


  • Low Interest Rates:
    The best wedding loans deals come at low interest rates of 4% for a loan amount between £7,500 and £15,000. Therefore, it’s a relatively cheap way to finance your big day.


  • Allows For Precise Budgeting:
    Repayments of wedding loans are generally a fixed amount every month. This allows the couple to budget precisely to the pence. You can choose to pay off the loan anytime between one to five years. The average time people take to pay off their wedding loan in full is 50 months.


  • Early Repayment Flexibility:
    If you come into money from an unexpected source like an inheritance, you could also clear your wedding loan earlier. A shorter timeframe means that your overall interest will be lesser than what you would otherwise owe. Whereas if you want a number of small monthly repayments, the interest will be higher in the long run.


  • Payment holiday:
    Sometimes, you can ask for a payment holiday of two or three months at the beginning of an agreement. This ensures that you have breathing space and no payments as you settle into your newly married life.

Disadvantages Of Wedding Loans

  • Higher Interest Rates For Small Amounts:
    It’s a fact that the more you borrow, the cheaper you obtain credit. This is true in case of wedding loans too. Though 4% for an amount between £7,500 and £15,000 seems attractive, loans providers offer a higher interest for amounts lesser than this.


  • Credit Footprint:
    Though wedding loans for bad credit are easily available given the competition in the loans market, lenders do look at your credit file. That means they might leave a credit footprint on your file making it difficult for you to borrow in future. However, we specialize in bad credit loans and only require you to meet an affordability criterion.


  • Best Deals Not Accessible:
    If you have a poor credit history, banks and high street lenders may ask for a higher interest rate or refuse credit altogether. If it becomes difficult to access wedding loans elsewhere, you should come to us!




What Universal Credit Will Mean For Brits

universal credit

Any individual in the UK who either couldn’t find a job or was working on a meagre income was getting government aid. This financial backing came in the form of various benefits. According to latest news doing the rounds, Universal Credit is rolling out. It will take the place of all existing benefits and benefit people with money for living costs. But, what exactly is it and how do you go about it? Today, we cover:

  • Explaining Universal Credit
  • How It Works
  • When You Can Get Your Payment
  • What It Is Made Of
  • Work and Universal Credit
  • Unearned Income and Universal Credit
  • Where You Can Apply
  • How You Can Apply
  • Advance Payment Option


Explaining Universal Credit

In life, mishaps happen leading to illness or disability. It’s quite difficult for such people to work or at the least find gainful employment somewhere. If there’s no money, how will they pay for day-to-day expenses? Sometimes, even if someone takes them on, the paycheck is as low as imaginable. It’s the government’s responsibility to help out these folks and they’re doing just that with Universal Credit (UC). This is a monthly sum paid out to replace long-drawn benefits and tax credits such as Housing Benefit, Income Support, Child and Working Tax Credit, Jobseekers’ Allowance (JSA) and Employment and Support Allowance (ESA).


How Universal Credit Works

UC is already in place as you’re reading this. If you’re a resident of a full-service area, chances are you’re already familiar with this new benefit. For localities that aren’t full-service, you may have to wait. Meanwhile, your existing benefits will go on as before. One major advantage of Universal Credit is that you can pay your landlord rent directly. If the case is that both partners want to claim the support, a single lump sum monthly payment is made. Note that it may take upto five weeks to receive the first payment so budget accordingly. It doesn’t mean that you stop looking for work or don’t work. As your earnings increase, the benefit will reduce gradually.


When You Can Get Your Payment

Universal Credit is a sum the government pays in arrears, so allow time for claim processing. The date on which you submit an online claim is the date you’ll get your payment every month. From this date, it can take four weeks for claim approval. One more week will likely pass before funds reflect in your bank account.


What Universal Credit Is Made Up Of

How much Universal Credit you’re eligible for depends on two things: one, a standard basic allowance plus an amount necessary for your financial situation. For example, if you have a small child, disabled dependents or live on rent, UC will be sufficient to pay off the costs of rent or medicines and treatment. Generally speaking, those individuals/families with savings south of £6,000 draw the maximum financial maintenance.

universal credit

Work & Universal Credit

Earlier existing Income Support and Working Tax Credits used to impose restrictions on the number of hours an individual could work. However, with the new wave of UC, what matters is not how many hours you clock but how much you earn. People themselves ill/disabled or having disabled dependents/ minors are eligible for work allowance. Work allowance is helpful in that there’s a threshold upto which you can earn without impacting your UC payout. Above this, UC will go down by 63p for every £1 earned. Rightly, the name for it is ‘earnings taper’ as the more you earn, the more your support weans. Included in your income are any benefits the employer may give for maternity, paternity, sickness and adoption.


Unearned Income & Universal Credit

For every £1 of unearned income, £1 will be taken away from your Universal Credit. This is that income which you didn’t get from working somewhere. Receipts which come under this head are new-style JSA and ESA, pension income and benefits not replaced by UC.


Where You Can Apply

As Universal Credit is a government initiative, you have to apply on the UK government’s website  https://www.gov.uk/apply-universal-credit .


How You Can Apply

The claim submission is only possible on the website and not by post. Therefore, if you don’t happen to have a computer or smartphone, use one at the library or jobcentre. If a couple wants to join claim UC, a single form with details of both individuals would have to be filled.


Advance Payment Option

If you find yourself short of money and have time to go for your first UC payment, phone your work coach or UC’s free helpline number. Now, ask for an advance payment on your UC. Expect to furnish details of the reason for want of money, bank and identity verification details. Usually, a decision happens on the same day and money is transferred within five working days. Note that advance comes from your UC payments of the next 12 months.


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The Rent Vs Buy A Home Debate: Which Is Right For You?

The Rent Vs Buy A Home Debate: Which Is Right For You?

buy vs rent

Buying a property is often a major thing every adult has on his life goals checklist. The Rent vs Buy dilemma may occur in two scenarios, let’s consider them. You recently got married and want to move out of your parents’ home. You’re currently living in a rented accommodation and are thinking of investing in a home. Now, if you want to buy, you’ll usually have to take out a mortgage for the funds. If you rent, the headaches are a lot lesser. There’s no long-term commitment and more money in your pocket. To help you come to a conclusion, we compare the Rent vs Buy a home trade-off.


Calculate The Costs Of Living On Rent

Tenants enjoy many benefits in regard to finances than home-owners. If you rent a property, rent is likely to be a fixed cost for the entire term of the lease. Any costs arising from home repairs like a leaky roof or a burst pipeline are taken care of by the homeowner. It’s not your responsibility to fix the issues. Also, the landlord will pay monthly water, gas, electricity and internet bills so you don’t have to worry. However, all is not as sweet as it seems. Most leases require you to pay one or two months’ rent and a sizeable amount as a deposit which can total thousands of pounds. With every renewal of the lease agreement, the landlord may increase the rent or decide to sell the property if they have other plans.


Calculate How Much Mortgage You Can Afford

The other side of the rent vs buy debate is investing in a property of your choice. As hardly anybody has so much money to buy a house outright, people normally resort to a mortgage. To be eligible for a mortgage, you should have at least 10% of the value of the house as savings. Unless you’re a first-time buyer, significant costs and fees- most notable of which is stamp duty- arise. A mortgage calculator is a functional tool that lets you calculate your monthly interest payments and principal outlay on a particular deal. You can also see for yourself whether you’d still be able to afford repayments if interest rates went up. But, the cost of buying a house doesn’t end with a mortgage. You’ll have to pay utilities (water, gas, electricity, internet) from your own pocket else you risk getting their supply cut.


Pros & Cons of Rent Vs Buy

Let’s look at what pros and cons both renting and buying have.




Negligible upfront costs and less paperwork

Landlord may raise the rent or sell off the property

Freedom to move houses and localities easily

Limited choices depending on vacant homes

No responsibility of maintenance and repairs

Packing up and moving home more frequently is a hassle

No worries about falling property value


Can’t build equity

Opportunity to build up credit rating (in some cases)

No need to pay property tax



 buy vs rent


Pros Cons
Build equity and credit

Requires a deposit, upfront paperwork
No pesky landlord


Stand to lose if home prices decline
More stability of schools


Utility bills plus mortgage payments
Renovate or modify home to your tastes


Paying for repairs and renovation



Rent vs Buy? – 3 Indicators You Should Rent a Home

Though owning a house gives a boost to your self-esteem, sometimes you may have to lean towards the former in a rent vs buy decision. For one, getting into a lease gives you more leeway than signing up for a property. Indicators you should rent a home are:

  • You’re unlikely to remain in the same place due to a new job, family circumstances or other reasons
  • You either can’t afford or don’t want to bother about maintenance and utility bills
  • Your finances are in a poor shape making you less confident of keeping up with mortgage payments


Rent vs Buy? -3 Indicators You Should Buy a Home

If property prices in your area are rising, the rent vs buy dilemma is actually quite clear for you. You should act fast to prevent a home from getting out of hand. Even if you don’t stay long-term, you may earn a huge profit when you sell. Indicators that show buying the most appropriate option for your circumstances are:

  • You can’t move often because your kids go to a nearby school
  • You’re eligible for the best mortgage deals with affordable repayments
  • You would rent whole or part of your home if your finances change


Solving the Rent vs Buy Debate

Are You Ready To Buy?

  • Can you pay the 10% deposit from your savings?
    YES- Go to next question
    NO- Look for a Government scheme


  • Do you have enough cash to manage stamp duty and legal fees?
    YES- Go to next question
    NO- You’ll need to live on rent till you can afford these extra home-buying costs.


  • Do you want to settle down in a house for the next few years?
    YES- Go to next question
    NO- If you wish to have flexibility, you’re better off renting a house.


  • Would you like to decorate and renovate your house?
    YES- Go to next question
    NO- Then, stay on rent and leave the costs to your landlord.


  • Do you want the security that a home can give in future?
    YES- You’re ready to buy! Why not look at our mortgage deals?

Indoor Cat Care For Your Pet

cat care

So you have an indoor cat? Or are planning to get one? It’s a choice you make when you bring home a kitten- whether it should be an indoor cat or not. Allowing your cat to play and roam freely outdoors is not always possible if you live in a high-rise or face a busy street. Some other reasons might include reducing the risk of your pet getting lost or poisoned. Thus, indoor cat care is a lot more complex and demanding for cat owners as your pet is fully dependent on you for everything. As they’re adapting to an artificial home environment, your role isn’t limited to providing food and cleaning their litter tray. Following these cat care tips can prevent your cat from becoming anxious and stressed.


Cat Corner

In a household, tempers might flare or unfortunate incidents like the passing away of a loved one may take place. An outdoor cat is able to effectively tackle this stress by getting out of the home. In contrast, an indoor cat needs a safe and secure corner to retreat to. That way they can distance themselves from their owner’s issues. You should ensure that a quiet, accessible and cozy spot like a cat box or space under the dining table are available at all times. A cat corner is an important thing of cat care that prevents your pet from stress and depression.


Scratching Post

It’s the nature of cats to keep their claws sharp in order to fight an intruder. They do this by scratching any wooden object they find. We suggest that you buy a wooden scratching post if you don’t want scratches on your furniture! This is a piece of wood placed at an elevation, just like the trunk of a tree.


Litter Tray

Indoor cats cannot dig a hole in the mud, pee in it and cover it up once done. So, it’s all the more essential that you provide a litter tray for your cute feline. Among various cat care products flooding the market are also smell-absorbent granules for cat litter. Ensure that you keep this tray away from the food and water source and clean it up daily. Else your cat may start showing signs of bad toileting behaviour.



An outdoor cat has more entertainment than an indoor one. So it’s upon you to see that your indoor cat gets adequate physical and mental stimulation. Nowadays, cats are getting smarter and keenly watch cat videos on TV and iPads. You can also make it more exciting with adding makeshift perches, towers or levels to your house.



You can play with your cat when you’re at home. Toys made especially for cats (puzzle boxes, feathers, plastic mice and balls) can keep them amused when you’re not present. One point to remember in indoor cat care is that any toy should provide stimulation and exercise. Those that are modelled on natural hunting behaviours are a great favourite. You can also make your cat work for its food.



Your cat is likely to need a companion if you’re not much at home. Think of getting a second kitten when your cat is still young so that they can acclimatize better. However, space in your house may become a constraint to a second pet. Older cats find it difficult to adjust and could fight and have behavioural issues.

Keep Them Away From Neighbourhood Cats

If you have a she-cat and don’t want the hassle of cute little offsprings, keep her away from adult male cats in the neighbourhood. Although an indoor cat, mating could happen if a male comes in through the open window.



Neutering is advisable for he- and she-cats who have attained maturity. Tomcats start spraying around the house, leaving a stinking odour. Queens in heat tend to become messy and noisy among other things. Getting your pet neutered leads to an improvement in overall cat behaviour and reduces nervousness.



Fact: cats don’t like stuff rooms so open the windows. Let in some sunlight and air. Your cat will definitely thank you for allowing it to bask in the sun.



Indoor cats tend to have many health problems if they don’t move their limbs often enough. Keeping them amused with a mechanical mouse will not make them feel they’re exercising, at the same time keep their weight in check.



Humans don’t like monotony and neither don’t animals. When your cat’s life is unpredictable, there’s a lot of fun and happiness. Introduce visitors, change feeding times and move the furniture around to bring about some change. Doing this is a part of indoor cat care training to help them easily adapt to a different environment like the homecoming of a baby.



Cat food should be wholesome and balanced. Indoor cats put on pounds real fast so be mindful of what and how much food you give your furry friend. Pay attention to the serving sizes and cut down on too many treats.

5 Comedy Shows 2018 You Can’t Miss

At the end of a long tiring day, all we want to do is plonk in front of the TV and watch something funny. You’re sure to find lots of entertainment that’ll make you laugh holding your tummy. We found 5 comedy shows on TV that are worth a watch. No worries if you’re new to these. You can binge-watch earlier seasons on weekends or online.


The Good Place

This is a great comedy show that deals with the philosophical question of an afterlife in a light-hearted way. It’s first episode went on air on 19th September 2016 and is currently running its 3rd season. Written by Michael Schur, the show revolves around Eleanor Shellstrop who finds herself in an afterlife post an accident with a billboard truck. She knows she doesn’t deserve to be in “The Good Place” along with human relief workers, philanthropists and such other blameless individuals. Hiding from the place’s architect Michael and know-it-all assistant Janet, Eleanor makes friends with a charity patron Tahani, Buddhist monk Jianyu and academic Chidi. They make her realize that it’s never too late and she should mend her old way of life.


Rick and Morty

One to make it to the best comedy TV shows list is Rick and Morty. It’s a sci-fi sitcom and has creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. Ryan Ridley and Dan Guterman are the scriptwriters. An animated comedy series, it’s best as a kids-entertainer. Rick Sanchez turns up at his daughter Beth’s house after having been missing for 20 years. Jerry isn’t happy with his father-in-law staying with him. Rick is a sociopath and a scientist who uses Jerry’s garage as his personal laboratory. Not only does Rick fashion dangerous sci-fi gadgets, but he also takes his grandchildren Morty and Summer which worries their dad Jerry.

comedy shows 2018

People Just Do Nothing

It’s a British mockumentary sitcom with Hugo Chegwin, Steve Stamp, Asim Chaudhry and Allan Mustafa as its creators and performers. The fifth and final season is going to air on BBC Two in 2018. People Just Do Nothing has won the British Academy Television Award for Best Scripted Comedy. You can watch how difficult it is to run an illegal business. The focus is on West London pirate radio station Kurupt FM. MC Grindah and DJ Beats run the business. Every team member is chasing their dreams but it soon becomes a full-time job.



Love is one of the best comedy TV shows to watch. Gus, on-set tutor and Mickey radio program manager have just got out of toxic relationships. They get to know each other at a convenience store and immediately hit it off. They’re quite different yet drawn to each other. But baggage from their past relationships keeps them from taking the next step. The final episode of Season 3 aired on 9 March 2018. Love has writers Paul Rust, Judd Apatow, Lesley Arfin and David King.


Inside No. 9

It’s a British TV comedy show that has horror for its theme. The disturbing and horrific incidents take place inside a building with the number nine on it. No wonder, it airs on BBC Two and not BBC Nine as nine has an association with bad things. The stories are written by Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith and contain unexpected twists and turns. Inside No. 9 is set to air its Halloween-special episodes this October while the fifth season will air in 2019. One of the best comedy TV shows to watch, it was awarded “Comedy of the Year” in 2017 at the  Comedy.co.uk. Awards.

How to Train Your Dog

When you bring home a dog, you need to train it so that it’s obedient and follows your commands. A well-trained dog is welcome in many places which increases happiness for the dog owner as well. For example, if your dog shakes his hand instead of jumping up, he isn’t feared by visitors. Dog training means your canine enjoys more freedom and exercise as he’s likely to be let loose more often. Rewarding your dog for its good actions also forms a strong bond between the two of you. On the whole, puppy training means you don’t have to worry about how your pet will behave in public.


How Do Dogs Learn?

Dogs learn by association. That means if you appreciate and reward their action, they’re likely to repeat it. For dog training to be effective, the reward should be enticing and directly linked to the action. The reward is often given within one second of the action. It can be dog food or small titbits, praise or even a toy.


What Equipment Is Necessary For Dog Training?

You don’t need much equipment per se as you’re not looking to exercise your pet. To start with, you’ll require flat fitting dog collars, dog leash, treats, dog toys and the commands you’re going to use.


Which Commands Do I Use To Train My Pet?

Training is very useful to improve dog behaviour problems that either existed or may develop in future. There are training classes but you can do it yourself. With some patience and the right attitude, it can be fun for both you and your dog!


This is one of the easiest commands to teach your canine. So, start with teaching your dog to sit when told to.

  • Hold the treat near the dog’s nose.
  • When he notices you, move your hand upwards. His head will move upwards causing his bottom to lower.
  • Once he’s in this position, say “Sit” and give him the treat.

Repeat this before mealtime and when going for a walk till your dog has mastered it.



You can use “Come” to your dog if you lose grip on the leash or forgetfully leave the front door open.

  • Put a collar and leash on your dog in the initial days.
  • Bend down to his level, say “Come” and gently tug at the leash.
  • When he comes to you, reward him with treats and appreciation.

Once you’re sure that he’ll run to you when called, you can remove the leash and practise in an area with fewer people like a park.



One of the difficult commands, it isn’t easy for ferocious dogs to obey submission. This could make dog training strainous but take it slowly. Keep the training relaxed and positive. Don’t beat or scold your pet as he’s trying equally hard to understand it!

  • Find a treat with a good smell and hold it closed in your fist.
  • Hold it near your dog’s snout. When he sniffs at it, take your hand towards the floor and see that he follows with his eyes.
  • Then slide your hand along the ground to allow his body to follow his head.
  • Once your pet is in this position, call out “Down” and let him enjoy the treat.

If your dog makes a grab at your hand or tries to sit up, say “No” loudly and move your hand away.

train your dog


Once your pet masters the “Sit” command, you can train him for the “Stay” command. As it’s an exercise in self-control, puppies and high-energy dogs find it more difficult to just stay put.

  • First, train your dog to “Sit”.
  • Then, point an open palm towards him and say “Stay”.
  • Step back a bit. If your dog stays, shower him with praise and dog treats.
  • Gradually increase the number of steps you take behind.
  • Always reward even if for a few seconds.


Leave It

It’s natural for your canine to get curious and sniff or eat something poisonous on the ground. Dog training can save your dog’s life.

  • Take treats in both hands.
  • Hold out one enclosed fist with the treat and say “Leave it”.
  • Your dog will sniff, lick, mouth, paw and bark at it- but ignore.
  • Once he gives up, open the other hand and give the treat.
  • Repeat this until your pet learns to move away from your hand when you say “Leave it”.

Remember dog training takes time and efforts by both your dog and you. Some animals are slow learners by birth depending on their breed. These five simple commands can improve communication and keep your dog safe. Only start dog training when you feel ready enough for it.


Borrowing and Credit Products in the UK

borrowing products

Given the limited capacity to save in the UK, most people have to borrow money some time or the other. To meet this demand, insurers are constantly coming up with new deals and additional privileges. As not everyone would know about the range of borrowing products available, we explain them in clear and easy-to-understand language without any jargon. Be it for a home, car or further studies, there’s credit for your unique needs.


Basics of Borrowing

To start with, only individuals above the age of 18 can take out a loan. Selling credit to minors is illegal in the UK. On any type of loan, you pay interest and other fees. Both of these in combination reflect the cost of borrowing on an annual basis. It’s known as the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and every deal features this percentage. Many people compare deals after considering the APR. Yet, this isn’t always a foolproof method. For APR might sometimes exclude default fees if you miss repayments. As for credit cards, it’s a standard estimate and your cost depends on how you use the card. APRs work best for comparing similar types of borrowing products over similar periods. You should look for the total amount payable (principal + interest + fees) and your affordability factoring a change in circumstances.


Range of Borrowing Products

The most common forms of borrowing are:

  • Personal Loans:
    As the name suggests, personal loans are a type of borrowing taken for an individual’s personal needs, for example for buying a home or car, to pay university fees, to finance their wedding, to set up a business or even to make improvements to their home. It’s a fixed amount taken over a time period and at a certain rate of interest. You can repay personal loans in monthly instalments. It is touted as one of the cheapest forms of credit but it has a minimum borrowing amount and length of time in which the money has to be paid back. It’s good to check whether the cost if you’re new to credit or have a not-so-satisfactory credit score.


  • Overdrafts:
    When you withdraw more money from your bank account than you have, it’s an overdraft. It basically means overdrawing on your account. Generally, use it only as a borrowing for fulfilling short-term cash needs until your next payday. Some banks offer zero-interest overdrafts but may withdraw it at a short notice. So, keep debt low. Remember that if you overdraw without the bank’s permission or exceed your credit limit, you may come in for high charges.


  • Credit Cards:
    Credit cards are different from debit cards in that you’re essentially borrowing money and not using your own. With these cards in your wallet, you can shop as you please, transfer balances from another card or withdraw cash though this can be expensive. At the end of the month, you’ll receive a statement of your credit transactions. You can then choose to repay in full or make the minimum payment on the credit card. Balance not cleared in full accrues interest thereon so pay off as much as you can. Also, you’ll have a credit limit which is an amount you should try to keep within.

borrowing products

  • Credit Unions:
    These are cooperatives that provide loans to a specific community. Members pool money and lend to one another. From this, it’s clear that a credit union works for the benefit of its members. Interest rates may go upto a maximum of 42.6% APR (3% per month). In Northern Ireland, there’s a cap and interest can rise only upto 12.9% APR (1% per month). All credit unions usually offer savings and borrowing accounts while larger ones might offer additional products and services.


  • Payday Loans:
    Payday loans are meant to tide you over till the next payday. This type of borrowing provides for the scenario that your money is getting over and an emergency expense crops up. Earlier, people used to pay it off on their next payday but nowadays, it runs for a longer period and is repayable in instalments. Suitable for some people, it’s best to shop around and then borrow.


Good Debt & Bad Debt

There are two forms of credit- good debt and bad debt. This classification is according to a school of thought. Any borrowing that enables you to own an asset like a house or improve your chances of earning money like student loans is good debt. But, this is only if you can comfortably afford the credit and aren’t short on money for your family’s needs. Credit that gives no tangible benefits or isn’t worthwhile like loans for an expensive trip or to fund unnecessary luxury items is bad for your pocket. It’s also likely you’ll struggle to repay this so avoid it always.

Travel Money For Your Overseas Holiday

travel money

Travelling is always a pleasurable experience. Over the years, the number of UK residents traveling to foreign destinations in Europe and USA has risen. Before you set out on your journey, take a minute to think about the travel money you’ll carry for abroad. In developing nations, cards may not be accepted everywhere. In the same way, some countries may be a ‘cashless’ economy. You should do your research and find out which of cash, cards or traveller’s cheques- or a combination of all three- is best for you.

Take a look at the various payment modes by which you can carry travel money on your next overseas trip.


Foreign Currency

It’s always a good idea to carry some travel money in cash. Restaurants, small shops, taxis, etc don’t always accept card payment and may ask for local currency. Keeping small change to pay for inexpensive purchases also helps. However, it’s not advisable to carry wads of cash as that can make it susceptible to pickpockets. Each country across the globe has its own rules on how much cash you can bring in. You may need to declare it at customs, so check before you board the flight.


  • Foreign currency is made available by banks, the Post Office and even travel agents.
  • Sort out your currency before instead of buying at the airport.
  • Use a currency exchange comparison site and shop around for the best exchange rates.
  • A charge of £5 may apply to pick up travel money yourself or have it delivered to you.



This section deals with different types of cards and how they’re useful abroad. Cards are thought convenient because they’re accepted around the world. You can also use them to withdraw cash from an ATM in a foreign country.

Debit Cards

A debit card is an excellent and safe way of carrying travel money. It can be used in an ATM just like at home. Local currency is available quickly and conveniently from cash machines. But, you may have to pay a fee of around £1.50 on top as well as currency exchange costs. Plus, finding ATMs is a task in itself.

Credit Cards

With a credit card, you can pay travel money on-the-go. They are accepted in most countries. Some special cards designed for overseas travel don’t charge fees when you swipe your card. Normally, a 3% charge applies to what you buy. Purchase protection is a protection against faulty goods or a stolen credit card. There are some downsides too. If you use this card to get cash, you’ll have to pay interest on it. In case you don’t settle debts on your credit card in full every month, again interest applies. It’s sensible to keep cash handy for small purchases requiring a minimum transaction amount.

travel money
Pre-Paid Cards

Pre-paid cards work in such a way that you load money onto it and spend it to your heart’s content while on holiday. The biggest advantage is this type of travel money it tightens your purse strings, keeping you from exceeding your budget. If you’re traveling from country to country, you have the option of pre-loading with different currencies. And if you don’t use the full balance overseas, you can use it again in UK. Like credit cards, a small fee is payable on money withdrawal. Some prepaid cards also cost a monthly fee.


Traveller’s Cheques

If you’re the old-fashioned type, travel money means traveller’s cheques for you. These are like normal cheques but with pre-printed fixed amounts with which you can make purchases or receive cash in exchange. Available at banks, all you have to do is write the name of the payee and countersign the cheque. You may also have to show ID proof like your passport.


As you see, travel money is accessible in different forms. Make sure you have one or all of them before you pack your bags. If you have travel insurance, it would help were you to lose money or belongings.

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