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5 Comedy Shows 2018 You Can’t Miss

5 Comedy Shows 2018 You Can’t Miss

At the end of a long tiring day, all we want to do is plonk in front of the TV and watch something funny. You’re sure to find lots of entertainment that’ll make you laugh holding your tummy. We found 5 comedy shows on TV that are worth a watch. No worries if you’re new to these. You can binge-watch earlier seasons on weekends or online.


The Good Place

This is a great comedy show that deals with the philosophical question of an afterlife in a light-hearted way. It’s first episode went on air on 19th September 2016 and is currently running its 3rd season. Written by Michael Schur, the show revolves around Eleanor Shellstrop who finds herself in an afterlife post an accident with a billboard truck. She knows she doesn’t deserve to be in “The Good Place” along with human relief workers, philanthropists and such other blameless individuals. Hiding from the place’s architect Michael and know-it-all assistant Janet, Eleanor makes friends with a charity patron Tahani, Buddhist monk Jianyu and academic Chidi. They make her realize that it’s never too late and she should mend her old way of life.


Rick and Morty

One to make it to the best comedy TV shows list is Rick and Morty. It’s a sci-fi sitcom and has creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. Ryan Ridley and Dan Guterman are the scriptwriters. An animated comedy series, it’s best as a kids-entertainer. Rick Sanchez turns up at his daughter Beth’s house after having been missing for 20 years. Jerry isn’t happy with his father-in-law staying with him. Rick is a sociopath and a scientist who uses Jerry’s garage as his personal laboratory. Not only does Rick fashion dangerous sci-fi gadgets, but he also takes his grandchildren Morty and Summer which worries their dad Jerry.

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People Just Do Nothing

It’s a British mockumentary sitcom with Hugo Chegwin, Steve Stamp, Asim Chaudhry and Allan Mustafa as its creators and performers. The fifth and final season is going to air on BBC Two in 2018. People Just Do Nothing has won the British Academy Television Award for Best Scripted Comedy. You can watch how difficult it is to run an illegal business. The focus is on West London pirate radio station Kurupt FM. MC Grindah and DJ Beats run the business. Every team member is chasing their dreams but it soon becomes a full-time job.



Love is one of the best comedy TV shows to watch. Gus, on-set tutor and Mickey radio program manager have just got out of toxic relationships. They get to know each other at a convenience store and immediately hit it off. They’re quite different yet drawn to each other. But baggage from their past relationships keeps them from taking the next step. The final episode of Season 3 aired on 9 March 2018. Love has writers Paul Rust, Judd Apatow, Lesley Arfin and David King.


Inside No. 9

It’s a British TV comedy show that has horror for its theme. The disturbing and horrific incidents take place inside a building with the number nine on it. No wonder, it airs on BBC Two and not BBC Nine as nine has an association with bad things. The stories are written by Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith and contain unexpected twists and turns. Inside No. 9 is set to air its Halloween-special episodes this October while the fifth season will air in 2019. One of the best comedy TV shows to watch, it was awarded “Comedy of the Year” in 2017 at the  Comedy.co.uk. Awards.

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