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6 Reasons You Should Think About Dog Insurance

6 Reasons You Should Think About Dog Insurance

dog insurance

Very often, we don’t like to think about something bad happening to our pet dog. But, when he or she falls ill, we’re face-to-face with lengthy veterinary bills that can quickly eat up into our savings. As euthanasia is never a solution, there are better alternatives out there- like dog insurance. Sure, even pets’ lives are precious to themselves and their owners, hence the need for insurance. But, is pet insurance just over-hyped or do policies really pay for what they promise? How and when will the policy payout? Read further as we give you 6 good reasons your furry friend should have dog insurance.


Why Should I Get Dog Insurance?

Dog insurance helps you cope with financial expenses like routine checkups and unexpected hospitalization. It’s like a safety net so that you don’t have to worry about the money and just ensure your pet gets the world’s best healthcare treatment. There are many dog insurance plans to choose from- lifetime, annual and accident only. They differ in their features and payout amounts. A lifetime policy has your back for the whole life of your pet dog. While an annual policy resets to the full cover amount every 12 months, an accident only protection pays out only if your dog is injured in an accident.

  • Accident Cover:
    As mentioned above, if your dog is generally healthy and free from illnesses, getting a lifetime dog insurance policy is quite unnecessary. But, the appropriate cover in such circumstances would be an accident policy. There are more chances of your dog breaking loose and getting hit by a car or truck. So, you should have this basic and cheapest protection in place.


  • Both Illness and Wellness:
    As your dog ages, he might be more susceptible to illnesses just like humans. As life insurance has a critical illness add-on, so does dog insurance. They may develop problems with their hips or skin leading to costlier vet visits. Pet insurance pays for a surgery as well as wellness treatments like grooming and dental care.


  • Comprehensive:
    Dog insurance plans are comprehensive in nature. That means, they cover a variety of claim situations. Almost all expensive vet bills are paid for by the insurer if you have a policy. These include general vet fees, hereditary diseases, long-term conditions, teeth care, non-scientific healing methods such as homoeopathy, acupuncture, and physiotherapy. Some plans might also cover breeding risks and costs. Other claim situations include a missing or stolen dog, sudden changes in behaviour, injury to a person or third party by your pet, and death by illness or injury.

dog insurance

  • Emergency Fund Or Free Treatment Not Always Possible:
    Some individuals prefer setting up an emergency fund in place of buying dog insurance. But, an emergency fund may not be sufficient to access the best available healthcare. Some vets may offer treatment free of cost or on a credit basis but you lose time. So, it’s a good idea to have a dog insurance policy for your pet.


  • Access Quality Healthcare:
    There have been many improvements in healthcare for dogs in the UK. But, with best healthcare also come higher costs. No pet owner would want to lose out on a specialist just for a few hundred pounds. With a dog insurance policy, you don’t need to worry about accessing quality healthcare for your pet.


  • Extend Your Dog’s Life:
    A survey of dog owners in the UK revealed a horrifying fact. Almost 50% of pets died in the last year just because their owners couldn’t afford to pay for their illnesses. It’s really sad and we wish nobody has to go through the agony of euthanizing their pet dogs. Low-cost dog insurance ensures your dog can effectively battle cancer or intestinal obstructions.


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