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Indoor Cat Care For Your Pet

Indoor Cat Care For Your Pet

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So you have an indoor cat? Or are planning to get one? It’s a choice you make when you bring home a kitten- whether it should be an indoor cat or not. Allowing your cat to play and roam freely outdoors is not always possible if you live in a high-rise or face a busy street. Some other reasons might include reducing the risk of your pet getting lost or poisoned. Thus, indoor cat care is a lot more complex and demanding for cat owners as your pet is fully dependent on you for everything. As they’re adapting to an artificial home environment, your role isn’t limited to providing food and cleaning their litter tray. Following these cat care tips can prevent your cat from becoming anxious and stressed.


Cat Corner

In a household, tempers might flare or unfortunate incidents like the passing away of a loved one may take place. An outdoor cat is able to effectively tackle this stress by getting out of the home. In contrast, an indoor cat needs a safe and secure corner to retreat to. That way they can distance themselves from their owner’s issues. You should ensure that a quiet, accessible and cozy spot like a cat box or space under the dining table are available at all times. A cat corner is an important thing of cat care that prevents your pet from stress and depression.


Scratching Post

It’s the nature of cats to keep their claws sharp in order to fight an intruder. They do this by scratching any wooden object they find. We suggest that you buy a wooden scratching post if you don’t want scratches on your furniture! This is a piece of wood placed at an elevation, just like the trunk of a tree.


Litter Tray

Indoor cats cannot dig a hole in the mud, pee in it and cover it up once done. So, it’s all the more essential that you provide a litter tray for your cute feline. Among various cat care products flooding the market are also smell-absorbent granules for cat litter. Ensure that you keep this tray away from the food and water source and clean it up daily. Else your cat may start showing signs of bad toileting behaviour.



An outdoor cat has more entertainment than an indoor one. So it’s upon you to see that your indoor cat gets adequate physical and mental stimulation. Nowadays, cats are getting smarter and keenly watch cat videos on TV and iPads. You can also make it more exciting with adding makeshift perches, towers or levels to your house.



You can play with your cat when you’re at home. Toys made especially for cats (puzzle boxes, feathers, plastic mice and balls) can keep them amused when you’re not present. One point to remember in indoor cat care is that any toy should provide stimulation and exercise. Those that are modelled on natural hunting behaviours are a great favourite. You can also make your cat work for its food.



Your cat is likely to need a companion if you’re not much at home. Think of getting a second kitten when your cat is still young so that they can acclimatize better. However, space in your house may become a constraint to a second pet. Older cats find it difficult to adjust and could fight and have behavioural issues.

Keep Them Away From Neighbourhood Cats

If you have a she-cat and don’t want the hassle of cute little offsprings, keep her away from adult male cats in the neighbourhood. Although an indoor cat, mating could happen if a male comes in through the open window.



Neutering is advisable for he- and she-cats who have attained maturity. Tomcats start spraying around the house, leaving a stinking odour. Queens in heat tend to become messy and noisy among other things. Getting your pet neutered leads to an improvement in overall cat behaviour and reduces nervousness.



Fact: cats don’t like stuff rooms so open the windows. Let in some sunlight and air. Your cat will definitely thank you for allowing it to bask in the sun.



Indoor cats tend to have many health problems if they don’t move their limbs often enough. Keeping them amused with a mechanical mouse will not make them feel they’re exercising, at the same time keep their weight in check.



Humans don’t like monotony and neither don’t animals. When your cat’s life is unpredictable, there’s a lot of fun and happiness. Introduce visitors, change feeding times and move the furniture around to bring about some change. Doing this is a part of indoor cat care training to help them easily adapt to a different environment like the homecoming of a baby.



Cat food should be wholesome and balanced. Indoor cats put on pounds real fast so be mindful of what and how much food you give your furry friend. Pay attention to the serving sizes and cut down on too many treats.

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