Apply for No Guarantor Loans from Direct Lenders

Loans are good financial products when you need cash urgently. There are various deals floating in the market and making a right choice can be difficult indeed. Lenders are increasingly offering no guarantor loans to UK residents. But what are they actually? Are they even beneficial? We will cover:

What is No Guarantor Loan?

No Guarantor loan is loan which do not require a co-signer or a guarantor in order to co-sign the repayment of the loan or home mortgage. A guarantor is someone who makes the repayments if the borrower fails to make it, this happens only in guarantor loans.

These loans are a good financial help to those people who don’t have anyone to vouch for them during a financial crisis. There are also payday no guarantor loans designed to last you till the next paycheck. Taking out these loans for your next holiday or paying vet bills can indeed prove worthwhile.

However, lenders are more likely to charge you a higher interest rate if there isn’t a guarantor who can back you. This is good from lenders perspective as they are confident they can get their money back. But, borrowers who haven’t had a reality check of their finances often find themselves deep into debt. Failure to make repayments may land you with a CCJ which you should avoid at all costs.

No Guarantor

Who Can Apply for No Guarantor Loans?

Any person who wishes to borrow loans for bad credit no guarantor should fulfil the following eligibility criteria:

  • At least 18 years old
  • Valid bank account
  • Permanent UK resident
  • Minimum monthly income from employment or benefits
  • Proper address

How Much Can You Borrow?

Usually, every lender has specific minimum and maximum lending amounts. Remember that the amount you borrow should exactly suit your needs. It shouldn’t be either too low or too high. Both can lead to greater financial issues. Most lenders lend no guarantor loans from £100 and up to £10,000. More than this amount you should try for long term loans which are really good options.

How Much Do They Cost?

As is the case with unsecured loans, they come only at a high interest rate. There are two reasons for this: one, the lender doesn’t ask for any collateral and two, having a bad credit may prove quite a deal-breaker. Most people don’t fall within the “good credit” category and therefore, struggle to get access to no guarantor loans. Compare deals for their APR and only then settle on one particular loan product and lender. Some lenders may offer APRs as low as 3.9%.

Are There No Guarantor Loans For Bad Credit?

Yes, nowadays it has become quite common. High-street lenders and banks may refuse credit to people with a poor credit score. However, there are some new and credible lenders who prefer to look past an individual’s financial past and credit score. They believe that history doesn’t necessarily define the future. So, loan approvals purely on the basis of affordability. If you earn enough to be able to afford a bad credit loan without guarantor, well that’s great news. You’ll be eligible with most lenders even if you own up to a bad credit score.

Does a Credit Check Happen?

To be honest, yes. A credit check is done by any lender you apply to. This is basically in keeping with the laws for FCA-authorised loan providers. Care is taken to see that no search footprint appears on your credit file. Because if your file shows too many searches, things become more difficult. Although this doesn’t mean that it’s a great influential factor. It’s worth noting that an affordability assessment matters more for loan providers than what your history has been.

What Are Advantages and Disadvantages of No Guarantor Loans?


  • Apply quickly and easily on a lender’s website
  • No paperwork involved so time-saving
  • No guarantor required
  • You can get loans even if you have a bad credit and other


  • A higher rate of interest than the secured loans
  • Riskier to lenders
  • Can be hard if you have a very poor credit score
  • You have to repay within a few months

How and where can you apply for No Guarantor Loans?


Most lenders have a simple application process. You can apply for no guarantor loans online on a lender’s website. All you have to do is go to their website and click on the application form on the home page. After clicking on the application form, a webpage will open with a number of fields to fill in. After filling it in, click on the Submit button. Your application will land in the credit provider’s inbox and they’ll start the processing. If you get approval, they’ll transfer the cash to your bank account on the same day.

10 important things about our no guarantor loans

How can I get a personal loan without any guarantor?

It’s pretty simple! We won’t stop you from getting a loan you deserve because you can’t bring a person to vouch for you.  Forget a guarantor or any security. Apply for a no guarantor loan through our quick online application by mentioning the amount you need and the suitable duration you want. We’ll then reach out to you in real quick time and get you any amount up to £25,000.

Can I get a no guarantor loan without any security?

Of course yes! Security or no security, we always ensure that anybody who approaches us gets the kind of help they want.

By help, we mean the loan amount you need. We realise that not everybody will have some assets or valuables to offer. No matter what your status is, don’t worry too much about a guarantor or collateral. Let us know what your requirements are and watch us arrange a non-guarantor loan for you within minutes.

I am not a homeowner. Can I get a loan without a guarantor?

Why not? We are not the traditional bankers or high street loan providers. Our lending abilities are based on our willingness to make lives easier for all. All customers including the ones who are not homeowners. You could be a tenant or a citizen without a guarantor, no matter what, you will get the best treatment from us.

Choose the loan that suits you best- Could be a payday loan, short-term or a long term loan.

Can I get a loan without guarantor if I am unemployed?

Yes, in most cases you can.If you are out of job, for once you could feel hesitant to ask for a loan without a guarantor. But with us, you don’t need to. Keep all your doubts away and let us know how quickly you want the money in your account.We are not too concerned about your employment status as long as you can show some incomings and a reasonable ability to repay.

Who is a loan guarantor?

In plain and simple language, it is any person who could guarantee your unsecured personal loan using his own valuables. A loan guarantor could be any of your friends, acquaintances, family members or relatives. But, why do you need a guarantor when you can get the same loan amount, in half the time, with us, without one? We won’t ask you to give a name of any guarantor. You certainly won’t be denied any cash because you don’t have one. The interest rates offered by us won’t be any different. You’ll still get the lowest APR.

How can I get a no guarantor loan without regular income?

Don’t be too bothered even if you do not have any regular income. We are not here to judge you on your employment status. We are here to fix your problems with whatever we can.

A regular flow of money doesn’t tell much about you. A fair reading of the benefits you get, any other source of income you might have and your incomings-outgoings scenarios, is enough for us. Our approach is to analyse all the aspects of your present personal, financial situation and do our best to provide a solution.

We’ll get a non-guarantor loan for you, arrange the same day funding, without a regular income discussion. Don’t believe it could be as straightforward as it sounds? Please apply online and give us an opportunity!

I am a tenant. Can I get a loan without a guarantor?

You definitely can. More than 80% of our customers are tenants. They don’t own many valuables either. We have made a reasonable name for ourselves by catering to precisely such kind of customers.

We won’t ask you to deposit anything or bring anybody to guarantee your repayments. Your application is a valuable request and we give it a serious reading. Unlike traditional norms, we follow our own best practices to understand your financial situation. Probably, that’s why we are ranked amongst the top 5 personal loan providers in the UK. Hundreds of independent reviews related to all our loans tell a story about our credibility

How can I get lowest APRs, interest rates for my no-guarantor loans?

Applying for no guarantor loans with us automatically means you’ll likely get the lowest APR in the market. It’s not merely a tall claim. That’s what we ensure and that’s what our customers can tell you.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is the total cost of borrowing money. We offer a wide variety of loans. Customers can choose the interest rates, APR, as per their needs.

The best part? We allow you to use our free online services such as APR calculators. These tools help you decide the amount and the duration of loan suitable for your needs. Unlike high street bankers, we have a much wider scope to accommodate most customers. You can get attractive and reasonable interest rates.

Can I get a no-guarantor loans with bad credit history?

Without any doubt, you can. We are not in the business of pulling out your credit reports to get an impression of who you are.

You are much more than what your credit scores say about you. We live in a practical world. Sometimes, even with your best intentions, you can get a negative mark on your credit ratings. We don’t punish you for your history.

So, don’t stress yourself in thinking how clean your credit looks like. Bad credit, average credit or an amazing credit, you will get a loan from us. Apply for our zero credit check loans and find out now.

How can I get a loan without credit check and a guarantor?

No Guarantor Loans

You can get it just the way 17,000 other customers have got it over the last few months. Yes, that’s true! For us, the trust factor plays an important part. We aim to trust all our customer’s needs and more importantly, we empathise with your challenges.

All efforts are made by us to reduce any obstacles that may be there. Not having a guarantor and a less than perfect credit history does not work against you in any manner. You just need to click on the apply button, spend a minute to type in few details and leave the rest on us.