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Pet Insurance For Your Rabbits

Pet Insurance For Your Rabbits

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Rabbits are cute, furry animals- the reason why many households in UK have them for pets. If you already have rabbits or are being pestered to buy one, think about pet insurance given the costs. Rabbits are social animals and feel most comfortable in pairs. So, start off doubling every expense. Taking out pet insurance can help pay fully or partly if your rabbits fall sick or die due to a medical reason. On the whole, the average cost including food, hutch, vaccinations and insurance might go upto £2,000 a year.

Here, we look at the outlay on owning rabbits in the UK…

Cost of Buying Rabbits

The first question arises, “Where do I find rabbits?” You can head to an animal adoption centre run by Blue Cross and the RSPCA. It’s recommended that you check their health and the conditions they’ve lived in before getting them home. You should be proactive if you’re looking at a pet shop or sanctuary. This can go a long way to reduce your premiums on rabbit insurance. Breeders and pet shops may charge £15- £55 for a bunny while you can adopt one from a rescue centre for fees between £25 and £60. Prices largely vary according to breeds and whether the rabbits have neutered and vaccinated.

Initial One-Off Costs

A hutch for your pet is an unavoidable expense that may go upto £300. Here too, prices vary on whether you want a hutch for indoors or an outside hutch complete with an attached run/pen. In addition, feed bowls, toilet trays, a carry box and water bottles will come to around the £50 mark.

Cost of Rabbit Food

Don’t expect your pet rabbits to just survive on hay. Your veterinary doctor will likely suggest a wholesome diet providing adequate nutrition. Although grass or hay is what they feed on in a large quantity, pellets and vegetables should be there as well. Depending on the age of your bunny, hay may cost around £10-£20 a month, pellets £50 a year and vegetables of £20 monthly. It totals to a yearly spend of £400- £530 (plus treats of another £50+ on top).

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Neutering and Spaying Costs

Pet insurance covers regular and emergency visits to the vet. Neutering and spaying your rabbits is necessary regardless both are males or of the opposite sex. In the first case, neutering males prevents fighting and improves behaviour. Getting them operated against breeding is a good option if you don’t want the hassle of baby rabbits.

Vaccination Costs

Timely vaccinations keep your pet healthy and reduce the chances of claiming on your pet insurance. But that doesn’t mean you neglect rabbit insurance. Some policies include vaccinations, so check for this before insuring your furry friends. Rabbits usually must be vaccinated for Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD) costing £15 and Myxomatosis which is another £15. So, yearly costs may go up to £30 for a single bunny and £60 for a pair.

Medical Costs

Every pet dog, cat or rabbit will need proper care and attention from the beginning. Rabbit insurance covers expenditure on medical treatment.

  • For rabbits, teeth are a major consideration as it grows 3mm longer in a week’s time. You should take care that it’s trim. Generally, the teeth wear down with hay but not with a muesli-style diet. Overgrown teeth may need a visit to the vet involving filing fees of £100. If the issue entails more complications, your pet may have to be administered general anaesthetic.
  • Eye problems such as ulcers or conjunctivitis are commonplace arising from fighting or hay. Costs are £30-£80 for a tear duct flush, from £20 for eye treatment and from £12 for eye drops.
  • Ear problems might total £400. CT scans and surgery means spending £1,000 or more.

Cost of Rabbit Insurance

Not many insurers offer rabbit insurance so the choice is limited. Typically, premiums remain unaffected by breed of the rabbits and range from £6 to £16 every month. This pet insurance policy covers vet bills, complementary treatments, notices and rewards for missing bunnies and pet boarding fees.

Cost of Cremation

Animals also leave for their heavenly abode one day. When the time comes for cremating your rabbits, the bigger your bunny the more you’ll pay. For example, you’ll likely pay £80-£100 for individual cremation.

It may seem that upkeep of rabbits is cheap but it isn’t so. Bear in mind that ideally, you’ll need a pair that lives for around 8-12 years, that is £24,000 for 2 bunnies for 12 years. That’s why you should consider applying for a pet insurance or set up your own fund from which you can draw for expenses.


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