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Save Money on Car Rentals Abroad

Save Money on Car Rentals Abroad

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You take out some time from your busy work life to take a breather. It may be 3 days or a week or 2 weeks. If you have taken weeks off your work it would make sense if you want to travel abroad and live in a different atmosphere for a while. Because let us be honest you won’t stop thinking about work if you are spending your holidays in the same place as you work.

You have booked your tickets and made all the preparation for your holidays. Booked your hotel, pinned down destinations to travel, etc. But what about travelling when you reach there? One of the best and popular ways to travel when you are abroad is to rent a vehicle/car. When you rent a car it gives you the freedom to travel at your convenience, when you want and wherever you want. It means that you don’t have to rely on any public transport to get to any place abroad.

But since this has become a very well known mode of transport, the rental agencies have increased their prices and charge some extras which can cost you more. Spending more money on travelling abroad is the last thing you want to do. However, there are a few things through which you can get some cheap car rentals while you are abroad.


Don’t always choose airport car rental

When you travel to any country or place, you would notice that each and every major airport has car rental companies. They are for your service 24×7 so that you can have a nice trip as soon as you get down from that plane. However, the rental companies there often charge more. But you should n’t choose them just because they are convenient and easy to reach. There are a lot of car rental agencies all over that offer a reasonable price for renting a car. If you are comfortable you should move out of the airport and look for a rental agency which provides you with different car rental plans.


Book in advance

If you already know the dates and have booked your tickets for your trip, you can contact the car rental company and book your ride. This will help you to get a reasonably low rate on the car. Because what rental companies do is increase their rates if you book your car days before your trip.

Also, one advantage of pre-booking your ride is that you can get the car model of your choice.

Be Cautious of one-way fees

Car rental companies give you the freedom of picking up your car from a different location and dropping it off at a different one. What this does is takes away your hassle of making a round trip just to return that car. This could be good for you if you are making a long trip. However, not all of the companies provide this service.

Companies can charge you extra for this service, so it’s in your best interest to see for few other places to compare the prices.



The term brimming refers to when you rent a car from the car rental company it mostly has a tank which is full of fuel, one of the condition is that you have to return it with the tank with the amount of fuel which was in it when you rented it. Due to this many of the rental companies have fuel stations located near. But they charge you more for that, this can put a dent in your holiday budget.

So in order to save money, you should look for a fuel station which is just miles before the place where you are going to return your car. This way you can pay less for the fuel and still be able to return the car with a full tank of fuel.


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